How Many Types Of Asparagus Exist? Update 05/2022

types of asparagus

Asparagus is most commonly grown in the Northern Hemisphere. The most common types of asparagus are white, with a greenish tinge on the shoots; purple, with deep green tips; and dark purple, with a bluish-green tinge. Asparagus types vary by color, seasonality, and shape. They come in two shapes: pencil-thick spears or rounded clusters of […]

Types Of Doughs – A Complete List You Will Need Update 05/2022

types of doughs

Dough is a cake-like substance, composed primarily of flour with sugar, water and fat (oil or butter). The word dough has been traced to Old English “doh”, which in turn came from the verb “dougan” meaning “to do” or “to knead”. The texture of dough ranges from firm to pliable, elastic, and sticky. Doughs may […]

Various Different Types Of Brownies And Do You Know Them All? Update 05/2022

types of brownies

The brownie is a type of chocolate cake that is baked in an oven. Brownies are generally made from brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract, eggs and flour. The batter can also contain cocoa powder or chocolate pieces.  Brownies are usually topped with chocolate frosting. Brownies come in many different shapes and sizes. Some brownies are […]