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10 Types Of Picture Frames  (Which One Suitable For Your Home) Update 05/2022

types of picture frames

Picture frames are one of the most overlooked but necessary elements in a home. They serve as more than just something to put your photographs on, they also help to set the tone for the room and add character. There are several types of picture frames that you can choose from, each with their own […]

15 Different Types Of Ebony Wood From Around The World  Update 05/2022

types of ebony wood

Oak is not the only type of hardwood. Hardwoods are made from trees that have a harder wood than softwoods, which come from coniferous trees such as pine and spruce. Ebony is one of these types of hardwood, and has many different uses in furniture and other industries. History Of Ebony Wood Ebony wood comes […]

16 Different Types Of Pillows – Your Guide To Pillow Comfort Update 05/2022

types of pillows

 Pillows are a home furnishing. They serve many purposes, including supporting the head and neck, as well as providing comfort to people who sleep in bed. The shape of pillows can vary from square or triangular to round or rectangular.  Pillows may be made of synthetic materials, such as foam or goose down, or they […]