15 Types Of Bricks Building You Should Know Update 06/2022

types of bricks

Bricks have been a part of the construction and architecture world for centuries. And as time has progressed, so too have bricks. Today, there are many different types of bricks that can be used in a variety of ways. There’s brick paving, brick cladding, brick veneer…the list is endless! In this article we’ll explore 15 […]

Top 14 Types Stone Siding Home Exteriors You Should Know Update 06/2022

types stone siding home exteriors

Homeowners have many options when it comes to which exterior type of siding they choose. Some people like the look or feel of wood, others prefer vinyl with a brick finish. There are also metal and aluminum cladding, in addition to other types of stone siding that homeowners might want for their home exteriors. The […]

5 Types Of House Foundations – Construction Foundation Types Update 06/2022

types of house foundations

The type of foundation you choose for your home will depend on the soil conditions in your area and what you want to do with the space under the house. If you have a crawlspace or unfinished basement, then it’s likely that your foundation is either a slab-on-grade, pier and beam, traditional brick veneer (TBV), […]

Types Of Living Room Lighting: Best Living Room Lighting For Your Home Update 06/2022

Types Of Living Room Lighting

It’s important to have a variety of light sources in your living room. This will create different moods and atmospheres, depending on the time of day or night. You’ll want to use one type for reading, another for watching TV, and yet another for putting together an elegant dinner party. The following are some types […]