15 Types Coffee Glasses You Should Know Update 05/2022

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Coffee glasses come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. In some parts of the world, coffee is served with milk or cream while others drink it black. There are also variations in taste for sugar and sweeteners to go into the coffee. This article will explore a variety of types of glasses that can be used to serve coffee beverages at home or work.

What is coffee?

Coffee is a brewed drink that contains caffeine. It is made from roasted coffee beans which are then ground. The ground coffee beans are soaked in hot water for several minutes and steeped before the grounds are filtered out with a strainer or cheesecloth. Sugar, cream, fat, milk or other additives like flavorings may be added in the preparation of coffee.

An espresso is a concentrated form of coffee made by forcing hot water very fast through finely ground coffee. The result is a thick, sweet beverage high in caffeine content. It is considered to be more flavorful than regular coffee and contains about 1/3 the amount of caffeine as filtered coffee because it’s highly concentrated and has not been diluted with water.

A cappuccino is a hot mixture of frothed milk and espresso coffee topped with sweet foam. The mocha is made with espresso, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup and steamed milk. It’s usually served hot in the winter time.

How many types of coffee glasses material are there?

The most widely used material for coffee glasses is glass. Its transparent nature enables customers to see the various coloured layers inside them. Glass can also be easily cleaned, allowing any coffee residue to be wiped clean with a moist cloth.

Another popular material for coffee glasses is ceramic. Some of these are made from bone china or porcelain. They are fairly durable and easy to clean, but chipping is a common problem that they may be susceptible to.

Earthenware coffee glasses are made from clay that is fired in very high temperatures without the use of glazing or other treatments. These also have a relatively low thermal conductivity, meaning that it will not cool down very quickly.

Stoneware coffee glasses are produced from thick clay that is glazed and baked in an oven at a high temperature. They have a high thermal conductivity and are also relatively durable.  The downside of these types of glasses is that they are heavier than other kinds.

Ice coffee glass is made from special paper which contains a wax coating on the outside to ensure that it does not leak. The beverage that is poured in will be much colder inside the glass but will slowly warm up again as the ice melts. There are also other types of glasses that are made from other materials like silicone, plastic and paper. These can be used for frozen or iced coffee drinks.

15 types of coffee glasses

Made of transparent glass, the 19 types of coffee glasses discussed in this article have been selected based on their popularity, price and design. They can be bought at department stores, supermarkets and specialty kitchenware shops.

1. Espresso Glass

Espresso Glass

This is the most common type of coffee glass that you can find in many different shapes and sizes. It is a cylindrical glass with a tapered top. It is typically used to serve hot espresso coffee but it can also be used for cappuccino.

A double shot of espresso contains about 50ml or 1/5th of a cup in volume. The glass has the same diameter as its height and the top diameter is slightly greater than that of the base, causing it to taper from the bottom to the top.

There are two types of espresso coffee glasses, one is called the tulip shaped and another is called bordeaux which has a flat top with a round bowl-shaped bottom.

A double shot of espresso will just be enough for the tulip shaped glass because its top diameter is more than that of its base. But the bordeaux glass is better used for large coffees.

2. Latte Glass

These are used to serve latte or cappuccino coffee drinks. It is tall and slender like the espresso glass but it has a bulbous top, which means that the diameter of the rim is larger than the bottom part.

This glass has the same diameter as its height and the top diameter is larger than the base. The bottom of this glass tapers upwards but not as much as a typical espresso coffee glass.

The 16 oz latte coffee glasses are wide enough to hold 12 ounces or more of hot milk without spilling over or losing heat too quickly. Tall, thin glasses are usually used with milk because they take a long time to cool down.

3. Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish Coffee Glasses

This type of glass can be used for serving both hot and cold coffee drinks. It is a small glass with a flat bottom and tapered top, tapering upwards in the shape of an inverted bell from a wide mouth to a narrow opening.

In addition to holding hot coffee or cold Irish coffee drinks like whiskey and cream, this glass can also be used to show off decorative garnishes such as edible flowers, berries, fruits or mint leaves.

The Irish coffee glasses come in four different sizes: the 4 ounce (1 shot), 6 ounces, 8 ounces and 12 ounces (2 shots). When pouring hot coffee into the iced one, make sure that you don’t pour it too fast because it will likely get cold as soon as it hits the ice cubes or water.

4. Shot Glasses

These glasses are small and thin with a wide mouth and relatively short body. Though shots and glasses may look similar to each other in terms of design, they have different uses.

A shot glass is used for liquors while the glass is used for other beverages like coffee or juice. The only thing that they have in common is that they hold approximately 1.5 ounces of liquid and their bodies are short.

The shot glasses have an opening that is a bit bigger than its base which means that they should only be filled with beverages if the volume of liquid is small. If you fill them up to their capacity, there will be excess space above the rim. This is why it’s better to use shot glasses for liquors instead of drinks because they have a smaller capacity.

5. Drip coffee glass

Drip coffee glass

These glasses have a wavy ridge on the bottom that sieves the coffee out of the drip filter. The interior ridges ensure that the water and coffee mixture will drip slowly into the cup.

These types of glasses are not only used for pouring hot coffee into, but also for cold drinks like smoothies or frozen margaritas. They are a great piece to have in your bar because you can use it for different beverages.

6.   Cold Brew Coffee Glasses

This is the perfect glass to use when you’re making cold brew coffee at home. It has a bottom piece that will filter out coffee grounds or silt, which means that your drink will only have pure flavor and no sediment.

A dark-colored glass will make sure that you can see the golden brown color of your cold brew coffee and that the aroma coming from it is sealed well.

7. Cylindrical Glasses

Cylindrical Glasses Coffee

Coffee served in cylindrical glasses has a different taste compared with the ones that come in cups or mugs. When drinking coffee out of both types of glasses, you will notice that the flavor is different.

These glasses are made specifically for serving coffee and they come in three different sizes: 6, 8 and 12 ounces. They have a small opening that is wider than the base so you can quickly add ice cubes into it to cool down your hot beverage.

The cylindrical glass is short and thick so these will be more convenient for you if you have small hands.

8. Coffee Mugs

These thick, short glasses are best used for holding several servings of hot coffee or other warm beverages like tea. They come in different sizes (6 to 12 ounces) but the smaller ones are considered better than the bigger ones because they can hold a substantial amount of liquid while the bigger ones can burst if they are too full.

If handled properly, these glasses will not crack or chip easily and are very durable. This type of glass is also very versatile because you can use it for any hot liquid that has a light to medium viscosity.

9. Tumblers

These glasses have a short base that is mostly cylindrical in shape. They have a small opening and they are made of thick material so it will be more difficult to break them if you handle them improperly.

The tumblers may also come with handles that make it more convenient for you to bring them wherever you go. They are usually used to serve coffee beverages but they can also be used to serve other drinks.

10. Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are smaller than coffee mugs and they also don’t have handles. These glasses are narrower compared to the tumblers but they can hold a substantial amount of liquid like hot coffee and other warm beverages like tea.

The capacity of these cups depends on their size and they also come in different sizes (6 to 12 ounces). The smaller ones have a greater capacity compared with the bigger glasses.

Like coffee mugs, you can also use these cups for serving warm beverages that have a light viscosity.

11. Coffee Glasses with Lids

These glasses look like classic coffee cups but they have removable lids to ensure your hot liquid will not spill and it will stay warm for a longer period of time.

They come in different sizes too but the containers are usually bigger than the regular glass tumblers. If you hold them without a lid, you will feel them getting hot after a while but with the help of the lids, your hands won’t get burned.

12. Coffee Mugs with Lids

These glasses are similar to traditional coffee mugs except these have lids that can be removed if necessary. They are also available in different sizes and they may come with handles.

The capacity of these mugs and glasses depends on the size you choose and they are usually used to serve hot coffee beverages but they can also be used to hold other warm drinks that have a light viscosity.

13. Coffee Cups With Lids

Coffee Cups With Lids

Coffee cups with lids are similar to the cups and glasses mentioned above, the only difference is that these contain lids to trap heat and keep your coffee warm. They also come in different sizes too.

14. Coffee Tumblers With Lids 

These tumblers have a lid to trap heat and keep your coffee warm for an extended period of time. They are available in different sizes and they can hold hot liquids but they can also hold other beverages that have light viscosity.

15. Double Walled Coffee Glasses

Double Walled Coffee Glasses

Double walled glasses have two layers that are separated by an air gap that ensures your hot beverage will not get cold easily. They are mostly used to serve coffee because they can help protect the flavor of your beverage.

The capacity of these glasses may vary depending on their size and type but you can use them for holding small servings of other warm drinks like tea and soup as well

They are also used to store hot coffee but if the liquid is super hot, it can disturb the inner wall and cause a defective seal. However, you can still use them as cups to hold small servings of any warm beverage like soup or tea.


– What is the best type of coffee cup?

The best type of coffee cup is the one that comes with a lid to keep your beverage warm for an extended period of time. It is great for keeping your coffee warm even if you are out of the house for a while.

– How many types of coffee cup glasses are there?

There are numerous types of coffee cups with lids but they vary depending on their size and material used to make these glasses. However, most people use either tumblers or mugs to serve their coffee.

– Can you use any type of glass to hold hot beverages?

No, that is not possible. You can only use the types of glasses mentioned in this article to hold the liquid because they are specially designed for holding hot liquids. If you do it with other types of glasses, chances are you may end up burning yourself.


If you want to invest in some coffee cups with lids that will keep your drinks warm and protect the flavor, then these 15 types of glasses should give you a good starting point. From tumblers and mugs to double-walled glassware, there is something for everyone on this list. 


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