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types of bathroom mirrors

When you use the bathroom, it is important to have a mirror that helps you see your whole body and not just an arm or half of your face. This article discusses the different types of mirrors in bathrooms and what each type can do for you.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Full-length mirror

Full-length mirror

A full-length mirror is usually placed at an angle so that you can see your entire body when you are standing in front of it. They are great for helping you shave, put on makeup, or do other things to get ready for the day. They are also good for checking your hair, clothes, and accessories.

Standing mirror

This kind of mirror is made with metal and the outside is coated with white paint. There are many kinds of designs for this type of mirror such as round, oval, rectangular or square shape one.

Floor mirror

Floor mirror

Floor mirrors are useful in bathrooms and restrooms. They allow you to look at different parts of your body such as your feet, knees, nose or mouth while standing. They come with a frame which is usually made of wood but can also be plastic. The mirror surface is usually made of glass but it can be made from other materials too.

The frame of a floor mirror is usually so low that it allows you to look at your feet. However, the frame can be customized depending on your needs. A floor mirror with a high enough frame will allow you to look at yourself while standing or sitting down on the toilet seat. Floor mirrors can also be used to look at your clothes while standing or sitting down.

They are usually placed in the bathroom but they can also be used in other rooms such as dressing rooms. Floor mirrors come in different sizes, shapes and prices on the market today. You should choose one that matches your budget, space, durability and style of decor of the room. A larger floor mirror will take up more space but it will give you a wider angle of view than a smaller one.


Tabletop bathroom mirrors can be an elegant addition to the decor of your bathroom, providing a stylish design and a reference point for grooming and other hygiene tasks. If you have limited space in the room or want to avoid mounting brackets, tabletop mirrors are ideal. They can also be used for displaying souvenirs or trinkets that tell a story about the history of the house.

Tabletop mirrors are available in a wide range of styles. Some can be placed on any flat surface, while others have special stands for table surfaces or recessed shelving that enables them to be mounted flush into the wall. A mirror with a stand allows you to move it from room to another as needed. This is essential if your bathroom has multiple sinks and the mirror needs to be placed near one of them.

Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors

 Wall mirrors that catch light from the windows bring warmth to a room like no other item can. This is why you see them in almost every bathroom, whatever its size might be.

For modern bathrooms, you may consider mirrors with a decorative frame that is well suited for the interior design theme of your bath.

There are also mirrors in different shapes and sizes to fit all tastes. Some models come with storage underneath the mirror, which is a great idea if you want to store things in the bathroom. If you decide on a wall mount mirror with lights, make sure that it can be mounted at right angles to the wall so people have clear visibility of their facial features from any angle too.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative bathroom mirrors can be used to trace items such as your activities, putting on makeup and so on. These types of mirrors have no means of reflection; instead they enhance elegance to interior designs thereby improving the outlooks of bathrooms that you use. One great application is to use a decorative mirror inside your cabinet or closet. Decorative mirrors are usually made of glass that is coated with silver or some material which is meant to enhance the lustrous appearance of these mirrors and also make them look attractive.

They come in different shapes, sizes, designs and patterns and this makes it easier for anyone to have one installed.

When decorating your bathroom, you have the freedom to use any type of decorative mirror since all types are available in the market. Decorative mirrors come in different colors and styles hence choosing one is a simple task.

Pivot Mirror

Pivot Mirror

Pivot mirror is a mirror which can be swiveled about the adjacent wall. They are hinged to an arm mounted in the wall and swung open to provide a wider view of themselves in front of bathroom mirrors .

The pivot mirrors were designed for smaller area in bathroom in order to maximize the limited space.

The pivot mirror usually has one or two adjustable shelves on either side, which are useful for storing personal items such as toothbrush and shampoo. They provide excellent storage solutions. It is particularly convenient when you have to get ready for work in the morning.

If you have a walk-in closet, then your pivot mirror could be mounted on the door or side wall of your closet. They are also used in dressing rooms and other room which requires large amount of storage space.

This is mounted on both sides of the wall and it has an arm which extends over the countertop. The top of the mount is fitted with dual pivots that are controlled by a button or lever for opening and closing. The pivot mirror is a very convenient type of bathroom mirrors because when it is opened, the user can view more than one side at once.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are located above the sink. It can be a 2-door cabinet that contains pill bottles and medicine in it or a mirror surface with shelves for other products like makeup, toothpaste etc.

There are placed at an area where they can be easily noticed by anyone who goes to the bathroom which could help them find what they need. Medicine cabinets are made from glass, wood, and plastic.

Medicine cabinet materials have an effect on what it can hold. The material usually depends on the bathroom’s design and owner’s preference. Glass makes it easy to see all of the medicines stored inside even when it is closed while metal or plastic gives a more secure feeling since it can’t be broken.

While homeowners still need the storage provided by the traditional bathroom fixture, now there are built-in mirrored options that can complement your space while still providing hidden shelving.

Some options integrate into your over the vanity mirror, while others are stand-alone medicine cabinets with interesting design elements that look more like decor and less like a necessary evil.

Lighted Mirror

Lighted Mirror

The most common type of bathroom mirrors is the lighted mirror. This mirror allows people to see in detail every part of their face. Because this mirror is so useful and popular, there are a variety of different models on the market today. Some mirrors come with lights built into the frame while others have lights attached to it via wires which can be manipulated in different ways.

There are also some models that come with a separate light which is plugged into an outlet.The negative aspect of this type of mirror is the amount of cleaning required to keep the mirror from getting foggy and dusty.

Bathroom Mirror Shape

Square Bathroom Mirrors

The square bathroom mirrors are a favorite among homeowners. The square shaped is sleek and modern that fits perfectly with newer bathrooms. It can be hung on the wall or set-up as a stand alone mirror. It offers a large viewing space without taking up too much room in the bathroom. There is also a large selection of materials including chrome, wood, and glass which can be used for this type of mirror.

Rectangle Bathroom Mirrors

Rectangle is the most common shape of bathroom mirrors, so it doesn’t need any introduction.  It’s one of the types of bathroom mirrors that can be found anywhere in any kind and style for every purpose – from decoration to functional.

The main feature of rectangle mirror are its simplicity which makes it easy to be used with other designs or styles. It can be easily mounted on the bathroom wall and it’s very easy to clean (just wipe with wet cloth).

Usually, rectangle mirror is used as main decorative piece in a room. It’s good idea to place it above your sink or on your dresser if you don’t have any decorative mirrors in a bathroom yet.  All you need to do is to choose the shape of rectangle mirror that fits best into your bathroom design.

Oval Bathroom Mirrors

The oval shaped mirrors have an advantage over the other shapes because they allow you to look at every part of your body in a better manner than any other shapes can offer. Therefore, almost everybody chooses this shape since it is very easy to maintain and presentable also.

In the case of oval mirrors, you can get any size from a small 12-inch one to an extremely large 30-inch one. The only purpose here is to make sure that your outer looks are perfect.

Circle Bathroom Mirrors

Circular bathroom mirrors can create dynamic contrasts in your bathroom that enhance your design elements. If you have angular sinks, tiles, or fixtures, adding a perfectly proportional circular mirror or two can break up the hard edges in the space.

Conversely, if your design features soft edges and a variety of shapes, a round mirror may complement and enhance the overall look.

Round mirrors are also a popular form to use when creating a mosaic or tiled look in a bathroom. Try selecting several frameless round options of different sizes and arranging them on a wall opposite a full-length mirror to add dimension to space.

Hexagon Bathroom Mirrors

Hexagon bathroom mirrors are a popular choice for bathrooms that need an edge. but need to be functional as well. It is not uncommon for the female half of a household to take control of her environment, and by taking control she means making it hers. In this case, glamming up the house with gorgeous home decor details such as a hexagon mirror.

Hexagon shaped bathroom mirrors can give that extra sparkle to the room, this is why it has become one of the most popularly searched for products online searches. Hexagon mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes but they have something unique that you will not find in other bathroom mirrors. They have an octagonal shape that is slightly bigger than the traditional rectangle mirrors. They are also available with brushed, silver and gold finishes to choose from.

Octagon Bathroom Mirrors

An octagon mirror will fit in with any bathroom’s decor. A home that has a nautical theme, colonial style or Victorian style would not be complete without this type of bathroom mirror. You can personalize the look of your new octagonal bathroom mirror by hanging it on the wall within a decorative frame, using an antique for stability.


Can you use a regular mirror in the bathroom?

 No, the bathroom is full of moisture and a regular mirror can’t hold up to the humidity. This will cause the mirror’s backing to eventually break down. Also, some building codes treat bathroom mirrors differently than regular mirrors.

Can mirrors be placed on the floor? 

The short answer is yes they can be placed on the floor, but you have to make sure that it is a mirror that would not break if someone were to walk into it and fall. This isn’t something I would recommend personally, but there are some mirrors out there that can withstand being placed on the floor. Personally, I don’t think they are safe for anyone to walk in and out of or over, but there are some that claim to be able to handle it.

Why Does a Bathroom Mirror Need to Be Safe?

You probably don’t have a lot of clothes on when you’re bathing. The broken glass would probably do a number on you. Bathroom mirrors are sometimes required to have tempered glass to lessen injuries. When damaged, tempered glass breaks into small round shards. This is a lot safer that a regular mirror. A regular mirror doesn’t have tempered glass and breaks into large pieces These pieces of glass have sharp edges. The potential for injury is greater.


The mirrors with the above types will indeed make your bathroom more appealing. And you don’t have to spend much since most of them are fairly inexpensive, especially when they are on sale. You can also find used ones in a thrift store or garage sale if it’s too expensive for you to buy. I hope I provided you with sufficient information about the types of bathroom mirrors.

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