8 Most Popular Types Of Door Locks (Key Locks and Keyless Locks) Update 05/2022

types of door locks

Door locks are a necessary part of any home or office.  They not only keep intruders out of a property but also protect children and/or elderly people from accidents. The main types of door locks include:

The Key Lock – This is the most common type of lock that has been around for hundreds of years. It uses keys to lock, unlock and open the door.

There are also other types of locks that include keyless locks. These locks can be opened and closed by a code or card, but they often require power to function.

This article will help you to know more about the types of door locks and how they work.

The key locks

Latch locks

Latch locks

Latch locks are different from other types of door locks because they hold the door in place by catching on its edge or projecting knob. A latch lock is best for spaces that don’t need to be locked, but you still want to keep it closed. You can also use a latch lock when the door has more than one narrow edge to prevent it from swinging open.

There are many types of latch locks and the most common ones include:

Spring latches – This type of lock is usually on barns, sheds or garages. It has a spring that flips the latch bolt back into its position when someone opens it from outside. This kind of door lock is simple to install and you won’t need a key to open the door.

Lift latches – A lift latch is similar to a spring latch, but it doesn’t close automatically. You should push or pull it down to secure the door. They work best for spaces that are out of reach and need extra security, such as attic entrances and bathroom windows.

Furniture latches – Furniture latches are used to secure patio furniture or drawers. They usually come in pairs and have special screws that insert into the wood frame of the piece of furniture.

Dummy latches – Dummy latches are decorative clips that fit in a space where there is nothing to latch on to. They can be used on furniture drawers and doors.

Chained locks

Chained locks

Chained locks are the most common door locks that you will find in house doors. They can be installed on a single, double or triple doors and work by linking two of the chains together to secure it.

A thumb latch is another type of lock that uses similar components as chain locks but they usually don’t come with chains because of the convenience. These types of door locks have a secondary lever that extends when you push them down to open the door.

Bolt-action locks

Bolt-action locks

Bolt-action locks are the newest types of door locks that come with a keyless knob. You can use these types of lock on all doors and only need to twist or loosen to unlock. They are popular for home use because you don’t need to fumble with a key and they can be installed on both double and single doors.

You should always keep the hinges, windows and/or latches of your door securely locked because they are usually made with weak materials. If you want to have a home that is not only secure but also looks stylish, you can go for brass or wood door locks for extra aesthetics.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are probably the most secure door locks that you will find because they have no moving parts and can’t be broken by a hammer. A special key or combination is needed to unlock these types of locks, so make sure you keep them in a secure location away from children. A cylindrical lock is also known as a pin tumbler, because it uses pins to open and close the lock.

When you want to lock your door, insert the key or card into the keyway of the cylinder and turn it clockwise. This will push each pin inside of the cylinder up so that they are level with their corresponding hole. Next, turn the cylinder counterclockwise to unlock it and push the pins back down into their chambers.

Cylinder locks are also available as doorknobs that can be easily installed on any door. The cylinder inside of it is enclosed in the lock casing so you won’t be able to see how it works, which makes it harder for burglars to work out how to pick one.



Padlocks are among the most popular types of door locks, because they can be used on anything from gates to storage units. They come in all shapes and sizes so you should look for one that is sturdy and easy to carry around. You may want to consider a padlock with a built-in combination lock if you want one that will keep your items locked in for years.

Cryptic padlocks work on a combination of three numbers that can be used to secure your belongings. You should always record the combination somewhere and put it in a secret place, because you may need to return to it later. A cryptic padlock is great if you want something with top-notch security but also want something stylish at the same time.

Security pins are another type of padlock that is similar to a cryptic padlock but it has an additional component in its locking mechanism. This little pin will pop up when you turn the key or adjust the dial, and this often changes every time you use it. The extra security pin makes your belongings even more secure because it makes it harder for burglars to unlock them.

Keyless locks

Smart locks

Smart locks

A smart lock is a lock that replaces the traditional type of lock and doesn’t need to be unlocked by using keys. This type of lock can be installed on all types of doors and it is controlled remotely through a handset.

The technology behind this locks is that it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which sends your phone’s location to a receiver in the lock. Your phone will then either unlock the door or send another message to an app on the smartphone telling you the status of your Smart Lock.

Installing a smart lock onto your door is easier than you may think. You can do it yourself by removing the existing lock and replacing it with an in-line one, or you can have a professional installer do it for you. If you choose to install it yourself, make sure that there’s an electrical outlet nearby where the handset can be plugged in.

Another great thing about these types of locks is that they can guard your motorhome and garage from burglars, because you will never have to worry about them sneaking inside while you’re away. The only drawback is that this type of lock could cost a lot more than what you would spend on a regular pin tumbler.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks

An electronic lock is a type of lock that uses electricity to open your door. They are used in hotels and shopping malls so that they can keep people out when the store isn’t open. You will see these types of locks very often if you work in an office building, and that’s because they can be locked from   the inside as well.

Some electronic locks will automatically lock when you close the door, and privacy is greatly enhanced with this type of lock because they are hard to pick. But you can’t get into your room until a certain time each day or after you punch in the right code on the keypad.

Biometrics locks

Biometrics locks

A biometric lock is one that scans your fingerprint or palm print so that you can open the door. It’s considered to be one of the most innovative types of locks, and they are very secure as well. The best part about this type of lock is that it will only allow you to open the door after it has confirmed your identity.

Some biometric locks will store your information in a chip, which is then scanned with an infrared beam so that no one else can unlock it.

You will often find this type of lock installed on the main entrance door of many schools and businesses, because they are hard to pick but easy for children or employees to use. Biometric locks are also becoming popular with people who have a home gym because they want to make sure that no one else can get inside it without their permission.

These types of locks are fairly expensive, but the good news is that you don’t have to replace your entire door to install them. When you purchase this lock, it comes as a kit so that you can install it on an existing door.

Keyless entry systems 

Keyless entry systems 

A keyless entry system is a type of lock that allows you to get in your home without needing to carry keys with you all the time. This type of lock gathers information about when you come and go, so they can tell if you are trying to break into your own house while it’s vacant.

The best part about these locks is that they can send you a text message or page if there’s an intruder on your property so that you can call the police right away.

Some keyless entry systems will also allow you to set up temporary access codes for other people who visit your home, which makes it extra convenient. And if someone forgets their entry code, you can always reset it so that they won’t have any issues getting inside.

You will find keyless entry systems installed in government buildings and other places where security is very important. Both home and business owners are using these locks more often because of how convenient they are to use. But the main drawback is that you need to have the right equipment installed in order for this type of lock to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What are the advantages and disadvantages to using these types of door locks? 

These types of locks are ideal for keeping intruders out, but if someone wants to break into your house, they will find a way to do it. If you want maximum security, then I would suggest installing multiple types of locks on each door so that no one can get inside your house in the event that one doesn’t work properly.

– Can I install these types of locks myself?

This type of lock is fairly easy to install, so you can do it yourself if you have the right tools. Just remember that when you choose a security system, there are some specific rules that you need to follow in order for it to work. The best way to make sure that your system is safe from intruders is to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions.

– How do I choose between an old fashioned lock and a newer technology type of lock?

The main difference between these two types of locks is the level of security that they provide. You may be able to open an older lock with a key, but it’s going to be difficult for someone else to break into it. When you choose a newer lock, there is an increased chance that someone can get into your home.

But if you want maximum protection from intruders, then I would suggest using both types of locks so that no one can get inside your home. However, if someone manages to open one of your locks without your permission, then you have a backup system in place so that they can’t get inside.

– How much do these types of locks cost?

The price for new high tech door locks will vary depending on the type that you choose. You may only need to pay a few hundred dollars to have one installed, but there are some types that can cost thousands of dollars.


This article has given you some helpful information about how locks work as well as what types are available. We hope this post helps you learn all about different types of door locks.

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