16 Types Of Silverware In Your Kitchen You Need Know Update 05/2022

types of silverware

The many people eating in today’s social environment use silverware for a number of reasons. They have different types of silverware that are used to help with the process of eating and also to help with the process of cleaning up after a meal. There are many types of silverware that provide individuals with options for what they would like to cut their food into and how they would like to eat it.

Types of silverware

1. Chopsticks

Chopstick silverware

Chopsticks are a type of silverware that have been used by Asian people for centuries and were made from wood. The invention of metal chopsticks was in the sixteenth century, which didn’t come into Western use until later on in the nineteenth century.

They have become very popular to eat Chinese or Japanese cuisine with because they provide more options for cutting up food. They also provide an individual with the option of picking up small bits of food or something that might be awkward with a fork. They are also used to drink soup from a bowl and can be broken in half.

2. Spoons

A spoon is typically made out of silver, gold, stainless steel or plastic and shaped like a spoon. The size of spoons vary. They are considered a type of silverware that is used to help in the consumption of food or liquid.

They are also considered to be one of the most common pieces of utensils for everyday use and it helps with consuming soups because they can reach deep into the bowl area, making it easier to get the soup that is at the bottom of the bowl.

It also helps with consuming various foods because the spoon can be used to scoop out bites of food, as well as getting rid of liquid in a wide range of foods, such as mashed potatoes.

3. Fork


A fork is a tableware used for eating food that can be divided into several parts by using fingers. It consists of 4 or 5 prongs at the end.

If you have never eaten with a fork, then it might feel really strange and even difficult to eat food with forks. But once you get used to it, using forks becomes a normal and useful habit.

A fork is used to cut food into smaller pieces or separate parts of the same dish, as well as pick up small pieces from a plate onto a piece of bread or wrap. It is also commonly used in many restaurants when eating pasta to keep it clean while you are picking up pieces with another utensil.

A fork is also used to eat small pieces of food such as fruits. By using a fork, you can pick up the piece without making it dirty and get the taste better since you are closer to your mouth.  

4. Knives

A knife is considered to be one of the most versatile pieces of utensils for everyday use and it helps to cut food up into different kinds of shapes, as well as helping individuals with getting tough peelings off.

It is also widely used in restaurants to cut food. Many of them are made so that they can be easily stored on a table, and some of them come with a cover to protect it from getting dirty from the outside. Also, a lot of knives can be carried around in your hand or pocket since they do not take too much space so you can bring them around with you.

Then there is the butter knife that is used when eating bread rolls to put butter on. You break off a part of a roll and use a knife to spread it out evenly on the bread. It’s very sticky so sometimes you need two pieces of bread for your sandwich if you want to eat on the go.

5. Spaghetti Fork

Spaghetti Fork

Spaghetti fork is a special type of fork for eating spaghetti or similar dishes. It looks like two spoons and you can use it to eat the food by picking up each piece with one spoon, then putting it into your mouth with the other spoon, this makes it easier to eat pasta without making a mess.

6. Tongs

Tongs is a kind of silverware that is used to hold and lift food or another piece of utensil from a plate or bowl, when you don’t want to touch them with your hands. They are also used for cooking purposes and they get their name because they look like the pincers of an insect.

Tongs are also useful for getting food out of a dish. You can’t get food out by using your fingers because you might dirty it, but if you use tongs, they protect the food from getting on your hands and you don’t leave any fingerprints behind that could make the food taste differently than it should.

7. Fish Fork

Fish fork is a tableware that has been specially designed for people who enjoy eating fish, but it isn’t used only for this kind of food. It helps to hold the fish in one place and then can cut it with some other equipment or table knife.

The fish fork has two parts and in its core, the part that goes into the mouth is curved. The top part of it holds fish firmly while you take away bones from it or cut other parts off.

8. Ice Cream Spoon

Ice Cream Spoon

An ice cream spoon is a tableware for eating ice cream and similar desserts with soft texture. It has a handle and the part that you put in your mouth is made of metal. The most special thing about an ice cream spoon is that it has a wide and long cone shape at the end, which makes it easier to eat food with such texture.

9. Egg Spoon

An egg spoon is a tableware that has been designed to help people eat eggs and similar food with a soft texture. It doesn’t have a handle and it is long in shape, so you can easily pick up an egg from your dish without making a mess on the table or floor.

The egg spoon is thin and has some holes at the tip, so you can easily crack an egg. Then there is a part of the spoon that goes into your mouth, it has a special pattern that makes it easier to get food out of it without making a mess or getting dirty.

10. Soup Spoon

The soup spoon is a type of serving spoon that has two parts, the handle and the bowl. It is larger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon. The spoon enables you to eat soup without making your other food cold.

The soup spoon is used when eating soup. It can be made of silver, but it is more commonly made of stainless steel and plastic. You use the part that connects to the handle to eat from a bowl or cup containing soup. Unlike most other spoons and forks, the soup spoon is placed more to the right of the plate.

11. Condiment Spoon

Condiment Spoon

The condiment spoon is the smallest of all spoons, and it has a very narrow handle that gives you more control as opposed to other types of silverware. Its initial job was to put salt or pepper in the food if there was none available on the table when served at a restaurant.

The salt and pepper containers were larger and more expensive, so the condiment spoon was invented. It is also used to serve other seasonings or a small amount of sauce that do not require large amounts of liquid or powder.

12. Teaspoon

A teaspoon is a teaspoon with the same shape as an egg soup spoon, except it has a different purpose. The tea spoon is usually used to stir beverages like coffee or tea, because it has a long handle and a pointy end at the other side which can help you beat eggs in eggnog if that’s what you want to use it for.

13. Meat Fork

Meat Fork

A meat fork is a kind of tableware that people use to hold meat like steak and serve it on the plate separately from the other food. This helps you eat your favorite meat without making your hands messy, and it also looks better when eating special dishes such as steak.

The meat fork is a long and thick kind of tableware. It has two parts, one of them being the handle and the other part that you use to eat from it. It has teeth or prongs on its ends which help holding the meat firmly with less risk of getting your hands dirty while trying to cut it off from larger pieces.

14. Pie server

Another tableware is a pie server , which is used to cut and serve pies. A pie server has two parts: one of them being the handle that enables you to hold it firmly while cutting, spicing or serving pies.

The other part allows you to cut your pie without making a mess on the table or floor. You should know how much food each person is supposed to have, so you use a pie server as an estimated measure of how much food they should have.

15. Cake Fork

Cake Fork

The cake fork is a tableware that has been made for eating cakes or desserts with soft texture and delicious taste. It makes it easier than using regular tableware like spoons because of its narrow handle and sharp edges that are used to cut the cake and serve it on a plate.

Cake forks have two parts, one for the handle and another for serving or cutting cakes. It has prongs at its ends that allow you to easily pick up delicacies like cake or pie without making your hands dirty.

16. Cake Knife

The last tableware I will introduce is a cake knife which has also been made for eating cakes and desserts. A cake knife looks very similar to a steak knife except it is much thinner than the latter because of its cutting ability in soft products like cakes, chocolates and pastries. 

A cake knife is made for cutting and serving cakes that have a soft texture like chocolate or sponge cake. It serves as the main tableware when eating a slice of cake, because of its sharp edges which allow you to cut your favorite dessert into small pieces without making a mess on the table. You need to be very careful when using this type of tableware because it is very sharp.


–  What is tableware made of?

Tableware is made of different materials including aluminum, plastic and glass. Glass tableware is used for formal events such as Christmas or dinner parties at home.

Plastic is another common type of tableware that people find very useful and easy to clean. Aluminum is another type of tableware used by most households because it looks very elegant and works well with most people’s kitchens.

–  How is silverware made?

Most tableware including forks, spoons and knives are made from different materials such as carbon steel. Silverware comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose for which you need it.

Household silverware includes spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks used at home for daily meal consumption. Forks, spoons and knives are also made from different materials such as plastic, wood and stainless steel.

–  What is a butter knife?

A butter knife is a kind of flatware or tableware that has been made for spreading butter on bread or rolls. It looks like a short and small knife with smooth edges. Butter knives have soft tipped edges that won’t rip the bread apart when trying to spread butter on it. There are different types of butter knives which may look very different from each other.


You now know 16 types of silverware – knives, forks, spoons etc.! You can use this to find more information about different types of silverware and learn their uses and what makes them special. Learning about silverware is fun!

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