Different Types Of Stackable Storage Ideas Update 05/2022

types of stackable storage

If you’ve ever had to clean out your garage, then you know how hard it is to find things. You can spend hours just searching for a specific tool or finding something that was left in the corner of a shelf. So how do you avoid this problem? The simplest solution is stacking storage units next to each other and storing items on top of them based on size and shape. This way, everything has its own space where it belongs, no more digging around!

Types of stackable storage

Bin storage

Bin storage

Bin storage is one of the most popular types of stacking storage. These containers are often used for storing toys and crafts. They can be stacked, but it’s very easy to knock them over, which breaks the container underneath and ruins its contents. Another problem with bin storage is that children may become curious about what’s inside and inevitably open the container, which makes it nearly impossible to clean. Sometimes bin storage is too small for items you have and there’s no room for anything else in the house.

The best way to use bin storage is to dismantle it and put smaller containers inside. For example, if you have a stack of three bins, take off the tops and place them underneath the middle one. You can also store things in old cardboard boxes instead of buying new ones. Buy large plastic bins so that they fit into your carts at home and at the store. You can usually stack even three bins on top of each other, so you don’t need to buy a higher shelf just for them.

Basket Storage

Basket Storage

Basket Storage is a type of storage which can be stacked. Storage baskets are normally used for storing food, however they can also be used for other purposes such as to create a children’s play area in the garden. They come in various sizes depending on their use (for example large enough that you can fit toys into them or small enough to just fit in a few items of food) and are normally made from wicker. They are also available in a wide range of colours depending on whether they are designed for outdoors or indoors use, as well as colour to match the decor in your home.

The baskets can be bought from most large department stores {such as Ikea} however if you want a much larger storage basket for your home then you can always try this method.

This is just one example of a stackable type of storage which can be used in many different locations around the house to store items, and also comes in various shapes and sizes. Other examples include cupboards which can be stacked, plastic stacking crates , plastic trays and trolleys .


Totes are a different type of stacking storage. While many lock into each other, making them difficult to take apart but lending them a lot of security from getting accidentally knocked over, totes without locking features are great for stacking but are easily removed from the pile so that you won’t miss the fact that they don’t lock together.

While other stacking storage is perfect when you want things on display at all times, it’s best to use totes when you want attractive storage and your items stored up and out of the way. These storage totes often come in attractive colors so that if they are on display, such as in a classroom or a bedroom, they will not detract from the overall appearance of the space.

They come with lids that keep items from falling out and are very easy to lift and to move thanks to the handles cut into the sides of the tote. Colors that are neutral are perfect for the home or office and are generally the perfect size to accommodate hanging files. This makes it easy to keep all of your important information in one place. Larger plastic totes are great for storing items such as holiday decorations or extra kitchen appliances in the basement, attic, or garage.

Cube storage

Cube storage

Cube storage systems are often the most popular choice for homes and offices because they provide a great deal of flexibility. Cube storage can handle all types of things, from leftover piles of papers to old electronics.

The versatility Cube storage offers is one of its greatest advantages over other options. It is so easy to see why it has become such a popular option for storing just about anything. It is also an inexpensive option when compared to other types of storage.

Others choose stackable storage because it can fit into a small room or closet. If you live in an apartment and have nowhere else to store your belongings, stackable storage is perfect for building up extra space. When the time comes that you need to move or you simply want to make room for more things, it is easy to pack up and move. It can easily be broken down as well so when moving day arrives, your belongings will be ready to go.

Shoe Rack Storage

Shoe Rack Storage

Shoe rack storage is the first type of stackable storage that you can buy. However, it may not fit into your closet’s design and hence it may be unappealing to look at. Shoe rack storage helps save space by stacking shoes on top of each other using a shoe hanging bar for support. This allows more than one pair of shoes to be stored in a small space.

There are many different styles and designs of shoe racks that can be used to hang up your shoe collection. Some shoe rack models may not have the ability to stack one pair of shoes on top of another, unless they have a vertical bar installed for it. Also, some storage companies like IKEA, sell shoe storage that can be stacked one on top of the other. You can use a special tool called a shoe rack stacker to lift and move your shoes from their box or rack onto another shelving unit.


A crate is a set of volumes that are stacked on top of each other. The first volume’s base matches with the one under it, and vice versa; this forms the bottom and top sides respectively. This way crates can effectively store any type of item without their orientation affecting them. Crates can also be moved around to connect to diagonally adjacent crates.

Crates can be made out of any material: wood, stone, metal or plastic. Additionally, it is also possible to refine multiple crates into a single crate by using the “Stack” item interaction. This makes them much more efficient in terms of storage and carrying capacity; however, they cannot be moved from one location to another anymore except by using a crane.

Storage Shelf

Storage Shelf

Quickly optimize the storage in your pantry or your kitchen with wire stackable shelves. These are made for a lot of air circulation, so you don’t have to worry about your damp dishes causing a problem in the cupboard, making these a great way to add shelving to a large open space in a cupboard.

Because they are very minimalist, you can use them on the counter as they will not really detract from the overall décor of the room. When looking for wire storage shelves, you want to make sure that they are sturdy enough to stand up to holding heavy items without bending out of shape.

Tray storage

Tray storage is the best for stacking. It is a stackable storage unit, designed to be able used with standard shelves. Its unique design allows you to store heavier things safely on top of lighter ones so there are no “heavy sides” or “light sides” of the shelf. You can stack anything from cups to books, and spaghetti sauce jars.

It is designed to always be level, even if you are short of storage space. It is designed to be able for you to build custom storage out of the most “common” materials around your house. The tray storage design is such that you could build a custom shelf in any size or shape for your available wall space.


Trunks are a great way to maximize storage in a garage or in a closet and with their locking lids and casters, it’s easy to rest assured that the items you store inside will be protected as well as easy to access. Trunks are especially great if you’re sharing a space with a number of children, as the trunks can be filled and then stacked against the wall, out of the way.

When you opt for trunks in different colors then the children will be able to easily tell which one is theirs and you won’t have to deal with a lot of arguing. Wheels on the trunks make it very easy for children to pull them around behind themselves during clean-up time and to push them back to where they get stored. Because the tops are textured and have space for the wheels to sit, they will easily stack on top of each other without any risk of them sliding or rolling off, which is necessary if you are going to be using them around children.


Flip Lids

Flip lids are the most common form of stackable storage on the market. One of the primary reasons for this is how inexpensive they are compared to other forms of stackable storage. The lids fit securely on top of one another and have a flange that keeps them from sliding when stacked up against something. They can be used with anything from pencils to small boxes which is why they are so widely used.

Flip lids often have a hole in the center of the lid which can be used for hanging up on a hook, or it could potentially be used as an additional handle if stacked up against something. The flange around the edges of the flip top lid helps create a strong seal between the lid and base of the container. The lids are usually made out of cheap molded plastic, making it disposable.

Angled beams

Angled bins make it very easy to get your hand inside and to select the item that you want to remove. While some storage does not come with an angled opening and simply is missing a wall, this is not ideal if you are at all worried about the items you have stored accidentally falling out.

Anything that rolls or is unable to sit securely in storage should be placed in a storage option that has an angled opening. This will prevent items from falling out and causing a mess in your home while still allowing you to easily reach inside and get what you need.


Wooden storage

There are a number of different benefits that come with wooden storage. Wooden containers are easy to stack and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Since they are made out of wood, it is very easy for them to absorb moisture so if you place any metal or organic material inside, they will rust or break down over time. The safest thing to store in any wooden storage bin is paper.

Plastic storage bins

Plastic storage bins are a popular storage choice for many different reasons. They’re lightweight, durable, and affordable with many sizes ranging from 1 to 10 feet tall.

When it comes to storing items like clothes and household goods, you want an option that’s easy to move around, will not damage your belongings if stacked several high or left out in the elements, and is stackable. Plastic storage bins are a great option for any space in your home or office that needs to be organized with plenty of versatility and useful features.

Steel storage container

Steel storage containers can be a great alternative to traditional building materials for your shed. Steel is a light-weight metal that makes it easy to move and store, but it’s also one of the more weather resistant metals available. If you live near water or in high rainfall areas, steel would probably be an excellent choice.

Additionally, steel storage containers can be made to any size, but most commonly come in 10-foot units. This means storage for your shed will likely be limited by the size of your existing or planned shed, unless you build a shed specifically for the container.

Cardboard storage boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are among the most popular storage boxes available and for very good reason. They’re extremely affordable, their durable nature makes them a great choice for storing heavier items like books or sports equipment and they stack on top of one another to save valuable space in your home

Cloth storage bags

Cloth storage bags are not only a great alternative to plastic, but they’re also biodegradable and reusable. They’re also great for storing items inside of them like clothes or linens that you simply want contained without having to use an actual box. The cloth fabric is weather resistant so if you live in the elements, this might be the best solution for you.


What is the best material for stackable storage?

Stackable storage comes in many different shapes and sizes with the most popular being plastic bins. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, stack-able, and have a wide variety of size options. Plastic is great for storing clothes, linens, paper goods like photos or decorations that require little protection from the elements as it’s weather resistant.

Do metal storage containers rust easily in rain and high humidity areas like Miami, FL?

Metal storage containers will rust in high humidity areas like Miami, FL if they’re not coated with powder for a protective sealant against the elements.


Stackable storage can be a great choice for you to use and it is the best way to store your stuff. Stackable storage save money and space.

The versatility of stackable storage allows you to find what style will work best for your needs, whether you look in home improvement stores or buy online. Whether you need extra closet space or want to organize your garage, stackable storage is a great choice for you. Stackable storage can be a great addition to any home and it is a great way to store your things in an organized manner.

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